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Transport modellers! Welcome to Road Transport Images. We produce the largest range available of British Commercial vehicles in 4mm/1:76th scale models, all cast in easy to handle resin: from a 1930 Fordson AA up to a 2007 DAF CF, with over 120 cabs introduced since 2003 plus various chassis, bodies and accessories to model the complete vehicle of your choice.

We issue a new price list with new products every 3 months in January, April, July and October, and with each new list we offer a special kit deal that provides a considerable overall saving as opposed to buying the individual modules. This saving is usually between £6-£8 and is a good way of introducing yourself to our product range.

Our large and diverse range of 4mm / OO / 1:76 scale model trucks uses a modular building system which makes assembly as simple as possible, requiring a minimum number of components. All of the cabs consist of two parts: complete cab shell and interior, plus steering wheel and appropriate style fuel tank for the cab type. Chassis are also two parts: chassis rails and rear mudguards, plus underside transmission, including axle beams and dif. to hold the axles in place. A range of white metal wheels is available to suit all cab types.

The range currently includes over 200 cabs from 1932 onwards, 15 chassis to suit all applications, a diverse range of bodies, trailers and unsheeted loads, as well as 30 wheel profiles and a selection of accessories. We have 15 modelling information sheets to help transport modellers add further fine detailing, much of which is included in the illustrations provided and which transforms a model into an authentic replica of the real thing.

Interested in models for sale?

Our latest addition is display models for sale.

New models now added to the 'Display Models for Sale' category!

For more information and greater details about the range, we can send you hard copy for you to read at your leisure. Please send a DL or A5 size SAE to: 17 Foxdene Road, Seasalter, Whitstable, Kent CT5 4QY.

If you prefer to print off an order form and enter the order manually Download our Customer Order Form.
Please ensure your cheques are made in favour of F Waller, NOT Road Transport Images.


New models listed for New Year 2018 (see Cabs/Bodywork Lists)

  • BED20 Bedford M type 1970 4x4 cab with badges and vac-glazing
  • KIT4 Foden DG 6/12 1942 10 ton GS military 6 wheeler (complete kit with bodywork and tilt)
    Military 6 wheeler 10 ton tilt - Now a tilt is supplied with KIT4 Foden military GS 6 wheeler; this is available as a retro fit item for Hippo kits 1 and 3 if required. No code is required; write Military 10 ton tilt
  • FOD12 Foden FE4/8 1952 cab with badge and vac-glazing
  • FWD1 FWD SU-COE (cab over engine) 1942 cab
  • THO4 Thornycroft Nippy GWR/BR Western Swindon works 1940 cab
  • T13a Scammell 6 ton platform single wheel railway style semi-trailer
  • T21 Feldbinder style Silo powder tank tri-axle semi-trailer
  • TFR121 Great Western Railway transfer set 

Please note that the official order form MUST be used, send one copy only as a photocopy will be returned with a self-carbonising order form for subsequent orders. Orders in letter form cannot be accepted. Otherwise please use our online shop.

Cabs represent those manufactured by

AEC, Albion, Atkinson, Austin, Bedford, BMC, Bristol, Commer, DAF, Dennis, Dodge, ERF, Foden, Ford, and Fordson, Guy, Iveco, Karrier, Leyland, MAN, Maudsley, Morris, Scammell, Scania, Seddon, Sentinel, Thornyoft, Volvo and Vulcan